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Beading Projects


My 1st Beaded Necklace

Learn the basics of the basics with this first of beading jewelry making classes that introduces you to the very beginning of basic stringing.

You will learn the tools, techniques and beading supplies needed to create a beaded necklace.

More Necklace Jewelry Making Classes Coming...

Pendent Necklace

Multi-strand necklace

Working with leather

Continuous Strand Necklace

Mixed Media Necklace


My 1st Beaded Bracelet

Once you have learned the basics of the basics then move onto a beaded bracelet adding an additional step to get a custom fit with the next in the line of beading jewelry making classes.

You will learn the tools, techniques and beading supplies needed to create a beaded bracelet using beading wire.

More Bracelet Jewelry Making Classes Coming...

Memory Wire Bracelet

Elastic Bracelet





My 1st Beaded Earrings

Learn how to make earrings in this basic beading tutorial.

You will learn the tools, techniques and beading supplies needed to create your first pair of beaded earrings in this series of jewelry making classes.

More Earring Jewelry Making Classes Coming...

Wrapped Loop Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

Dangle Earrings

Fringe Earrings

Post Earrings

More Beading Tutorials Ahead...




Fan Pull

Beaded Inkpen

Purse Jewelry


Jewelry Anatomy 101


Beading Supplies

Crimp Beads

Crimp Beads

Crimp Tubes


Cord Crimp

Fold over crimp

Wire Guards

Crimp Covers

French Wire

Keyring/Split Ring

Jump ring


Beading Wire Comparison

Earring Wires

Beading Techniques

Crimps - Beyond the Basics

Wrapped Loop

Open/Close Jump Ring

Jewelers Tools

Bead Reamers

Split Nose Pliers

Hollow Nose Pliers

Multi-function Pliers

Crimping Pliers

Bent Nose Pliers

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