Basic Beaded Earrings

Allow me to begin by sharing that this technique for making basic beaded earrings is not just for making earrings.

This technique is just a stepping stone to many different projects.

So don't feel like working through this step by step process will only allow you to a completed pair of earrings. 

No not by any stretch of the imagination.

This technique will open a door to a whole array of designs.

If you're interested in learning how to make jewelry then this technique is essential to all your future projects. 

Confused? Let me explain.

It is one of the two techniques that you need to learn to master the basic skills of bead stringing.

You do need to learn both.

Once you have learned this technique, along with the bracelet or necklace technique then it's just a matter of learning the variety jewelry making supplies.

Combine the techniques, the assortment of supplies along with learning to manipulate the huge assortment of bead shapes you will have countless [and I do mean countless] possibilities of projects.

And they are all just waiting for you to add your own style and your own flair to design them.

You will only be limited by your own creativity. BUT, you have to learn this technique to achieve that.  Ready to continue?

Then let's begin.

The technique for making earrings is called a single loop or a plain loop.

It's not the technique itself that makes an earring, an earring.

What you are actually creating is called a 'dangle'.

The only thing that makes a pair of earrings, a pair of earrings is an earring finding called an 'earring wire'

Attaching the earring wire to the dangle, then and only then, gives you an earring.

Make sense?

Now repeat the same process and you will end up with a full pair of earrings.

Sound simple?

But what if we don't want a pair of earrings?

Go through the same process. Use this technique...the single or plain loop and create another dangle.

Add a different type of finding, then the dangle may become a bookmark or a key ring or even a zipper pull.

Now use the same technique again. Add the dangle to a chain or a cord and it is now a pendent necklace.

Are you starting to see the process here? Do you see the value of this technique?

Then let's learn this technique using a pair of basic beaded earrings as our project for the sake of learning the technique. 

So to get started, here is what we will cover in basic beaded earrings segment.

Basic Earring Supplies

Shown here are the supplies you will need for your first basic earrings.

There are actually only two components you will need to accomplish this project.

  1. headpins
  2. earring wires

That's it.

Oh, plus you will also need some decorative beads of your choice.

If you haven't read basics of beads I encourage you to read it now just be sure to come back and finish this page.

Simple. Basic. Introduction level. 

Next we'll cover...

Basic Jewelers Tools

Discussed in the basic jewelers tools section, only 3 pliers are needed for any beginner project. 

For the basic beaded earrings we will be using all three of the basic tools.

  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Visit that basic jewelers tools now if you missed it, need a recap or just a refresher on this topic.

You will see each tool in use during the...

Basic Earring Beading Tutorial

The basic earring beading tutorial will be one of the steps to learning the two simple and basic beginner beading techniques.

I will take you step by step through the process.

This technique sometimes takes a little practice.

I won't lie, for me it took a lot of practice and I'll share more when we reach that point.

But let me assure you, the more you practice the easier this technique becomes. You will be whipping them out before you know it.

If you are ready let's go through that process of actually learning to create the single or plain loop first by unfolding the basic construction of the dangle and understand what goes behind it.

 Let's look at... 

Jewelry Anatomy 101
Basic Beaded Earrings

Jewelry Anatomy 101 was a method I created to help those in my class to break down the process looking at what goes behind putting this jewelry together.

I found it to be a helpful tool, allowing you to catch the 'concept' of how jewelry is made...only working backwards.

So we begin by looking at a finished piece of jewelry and dissect it.

It's been rather effective in the classroom so I want to share it with you here.

I have found it to anchor the whole process.

Let me start by asking...would you think these two items are made in the same way?

chandelier earrings

pendent necklace

Would you be surprised to hear they are created in the exact same way using the exact same process?

So here's the next question?

How do you go from this... this?


Let's look at that, shall we?

The beads are strung onto something, a jewelry component called a finding. Then a closure needs to be created to hold the beads in place.

But...what does that look like?

Beads are strung

Single Loop secures the beads in place.

It is now a dangle.

Then, depending on the finding added to the dangle will determine what the item becomes. Since we are talking basic beaded earrings...

 ...we add a fishhook style earring wire to the dangle... it is an earring.

Does it look do-able?

Move forward with the step by step process learning how to make the single/plain loop to make your first pair of basic beaded earrings and see just how do-able it is. 

You can do it!

What's Next?

If you are now ready to move on...let's first learn and understand each component needed, found on the next page...

Basic Earring Findings

See you there...

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