Basic Beaded Bracelet

We will uncover the basic beaded bracelet step by step process that will lead you ultimately to the 'how to' tutorial where you will be see how to actually create this project. 

I will be sharing with you along the way what you need to ensure your success which will build your confidence to move onto the next project.

So here is what we will cover.


We'll look closer at the essential jewelry making supplies that will be needed to make a basic beaded bracelet.

Only 4 components make up the supply list for the basic beaded bracelet.

  1. decorative beads
  2. beading wire
  3. crimp beads
  4. clasp

Simple enough don't you think?  We will look at each in more detail.

Next up...

Jewelry Beading Tools

As discussed in jewelry beading tools that there are only 3 basic tools total needed for any of your beginning projects. 

A beaded bracelet only needs 2 of the 3 tools.

  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

We will discuss the tools needed to complete the basic bracelet.

You will see in the 'how to' tutorial how each tool is used.

Which is where we move to next, the...

Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

The tutorial will be your last stop on your journey of learning how to make your first basic beaded bracelet. 

Here you will walk step by step through the entire process. 

If you are ready then let's continue by starting the process with understanding the anatomy of a bracelet.

We unfold together the basic construction of a basic beaded bracelet.

Jewelry Anatomy 101
of a
Basic Beaded Bracelet

Jewelry Anatomy 101 is a course, a concept, I created for all my basics to beading classes.

I have found after many years of teaching the basics that this visual instruction of the construction helps lift the fog of the process. 

Think of it as a science project where we dissect and investigate the inside of each specimen, which in this case is a beaded bracelet, at the very basics.

Once you learn the guts to the process you will never look at jewelry the same way again, you will see it with new eyes.

I, personally, was never good in science but maybe if I had gotten to dissect jewelry rather than frogs I may have done better.

By the end, you will see the simplicity of jewelry making instead of what appears to be the complexity of it. 

So let's begin with...

When you look at a beaded bracelet, like what's pictured here, what's the first thing(s) you notice?

Take a moment to answer, it's not a trick question I just want to you think about what you are seeing.

  • Beads
  • Design
  • Color
  • Clasp

Did you come up with anything different?

Now let's look closer...

What do you see?

  • It's a bracelet.
  • The color is grayish black or a charcoal gray with silver metal accents.
  • The beads are a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • There is a clasp, decorative, in keeping with the design of the bracelet.
  • The style of bracelet is casual.  
  • The pattern is asymmetrical.

Is there anything else you notice about this piece of jewelry?

[It's really not a trick question I really am just wondering if you see something more than I have listed.]

Okay, well if that's the outside of the bracelet...have you ever wondered... 

  • What are the beads strung on?
  • What is holding it together? 

How do you go from this... this?

Let's look inside and see what's going on underneath the pretty beads that holds this piece of jewelry together.

Well to start with, you may know that a stringing cord is what the beads are strung on, but what type of beading cord is it?

That was the important question I am trying to get to.

  • What are the beads strung on?

Now pay close attention here...are you listening?

There are a variety of choices based on the project and we'll talk more of those choices as we work through more tutorials.

BUT...for the sake of beginners my recommendation for this project is beading wire and the beading wire I recommend to all beginners is Soft Flex Beading Wire.

If you pay attention to nothing else from this please heed this advice.

It will save you loads of frustration and provide you hours of pleasure through this learning process.

Beading Tip:

Not All Beading Wire is Created Equal

I found this out the hard way. Once I discovered Soft Flex Beading Wire it left me bias to which beading wire I used. 

Read more on why I love Soft Flex Beading Wire and why you will want to make this your beading wire of choice as well.

Alright if I drove that point home, now on to the next question... 

  • What is holding it together?

Shall we take a closer look?

I said earlier you need just 4 basic components to create a beaded bracelet.

  1. beading wire
  2. 1 - clasp
  3. 2 - crimp beads + 2 - seed beads
  4. decorative beads

Here a visual showing all the components in use. This could be a picture of a bracelet, a necklace or even an anklet.

Each of these are constructed in the same manner, the difference is the length of each style. 

If you look close at the small components close to the clasp that needs to be your focus as you proceed with this process.

These are the key ingredients for holding the jewelry together and we'll talk more on that in the tutorial.

My intent here is that this visual helps demystifying the process of constructing beaded jewelry. 

So then...if you are ready then let's move on to learning how to make a basic beaded bracelet by looking further and discussing each of these components in supplies.

Let's get clarification what each component is, how to use them and the purpose for each. 

Head on over to...

See you there!!

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