Scrabble DIY Jewelry

Let's make some Scrabble DIY jewelry to help us celebrate 'Scrabble Day!' It only comes once a year, but jewelry is a year-round event and always in season.

Happy Scrabble Day!

April 13 is established as 'Scrabble Day' to commemorate a long-loved board word game. Let's celebrate with easy-to-make Scrabble DIY Jewelry projects for any level jewelry makers.

It was a typical scene with my brother and me sitting at the table with a Scrabble board between us. You might find us constantly sitting at a table staring at our tray of wooden letters. We would be contemplating our next word and patiently waiting for the other to complete their turn. We spent a lot of time together growing up. He and I are so fond of the game that even our gift exchanges began, including Scrabble paraphernalia.

Here are a few that have been exchanged through the years.

Scrabble Board Game

The Official Scrabble Dictionary

The list of gift ideas is endless and great fun. Although my brother's seat was eventually replaced with my husband as years evolved, we loved playing Scrabble. It's been a while since we have had the opportunity to play a game, but it continues to be a fond memory we share.

The History of Scrabble

We never thought much about the history of Scrabble until this celebrated day came to our attention. With our love for the game, how could we ignore it? We began our research of how the game came to be and how it evolved. While researching more, my curiosity was satisfied on so many levels. Care to take a walk down memory lane on the development of the game of Scrabble? Good, we were hoping you would join us.

In 1948 Alfred Mosher Butts, an unemployed architect, created a word game based on spelling words and incorporated a numbering and scoring system for the letters used to form words. The game had a rough start in the first four years and went through a few name changes. In the early years of production, the games were made by hand.

The game finally gained recognition in 1950 when the president of Macy's discovered it while on vacation. He had been so taken with it he decided to add it to the regular line of product in the store and the rest, as they say, is history.  

More on the history of Scrabble can be found at the Hasbro website detailing more of the twist and turns of the birth and growth in popularity of this beloved game.

Reading stories like this stirs and inspires my inner creativity. We believe there is a designer and creator in all of us in one degree or another. It's not the actual creation of Scrabble that I find intriguing as much as what inspired the game's design. It takes a significant amount of courage, initiative, and persistence to develop and grow this idea. It is all a creative process, and we find it very inspiring.

We look at the game of Scrabble through different eyes. In honor of Scrabble Day, we definitely think we should celebrate. But how? Play a rousing game of Scrabble? That would typically be our preference, but not today. Today we will look at other ways to commemorate this day incorporating Scrabble DIY Jewelry. After all, that is what we discuss and learn here. Isn't it?

Scrabble Game to Scrabble DIY Jewelry

Do you play Scrabble? We have always enjoyed word games and the strategy of earning the highest possible score for each play. But if the truth is known, the other main reason we like to play is the opportunity to draw wooden letters from the cloth bag. That allows us to run our fingers through these tiles. The game starts with 100 tiles, and we keep them in a cloth bag. Oh, the feel of sinking your hand in the mass of smooth wood tiles is gratifying. We get the same sensation running our hands through a bag of buttons or beads. 

Since the popularity of the game has grown, you now have access to buying replacement pieces. This means a bag of wooden tiles can be purchased separately to replace lost tiles or create other things. Oh, Glorious Day! The things we could make with these luscious lettered tiles. Only a DIY'er can appreciate that thought.

That is what we are going to focus the rest of our time together on. We thought it would be fun to celebrate 'Scrabble Day' by looking at what others create with the tiles for Scrabble DIY Jewelry projects.

Let's Make Scrabble DIY Jewelry

Let's look at different tutorials for some ideas for Scrabble DIY jewelry projects. Which one will inspire you? The first one up is from our friends at They are always up to something new and provide various materials for the many project tutorials available. Check this video out, and let's get this celebration started right.

This method to create Scrabble jewelry can be cut down if this is more than you are interested in creating. If you would rather keep it simple, eliminate the complexity of the extra steps in the beginning and follow along with gluing the components needed to complete the jewelry. Viola. There you have it.

Creative Jewelry Display for Scrabble DIY Jewelry

One last thought we wanted to leave with you. Scrabble DIY jewelry is quick and straightforward to create using essential components and glue. You can find most of these components through your local big box stores or online with your favorite supplier.

We came across this idea for a creative jewelry display for your scrabble DIY jewelry during our research on this topic. We couldn't leave without sharing it with you. Our friend, Steve Rainwater, posted this picture at Flickr sharing an adorably creative display using the components from a Scrabble game. It's an eye-popper and sure to catch your customer's attention. 

As we stated earlier, it never ceases to amaze us how creative people are. We hope you found inspiration on this page to encourage you to always keep your eyes open for the novelty found in ordinary everyday items. Explore your world with your eyes wide open. 

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