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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is where to look for some of the most frequently and some in-frequent questions about beading, supplies, tools, techniques and tips that you and all beading for beginners may have?

Here is where you will get those questions answered.

I invite you to join the conversation and ask your questions. Don't be afraid that a question may be silly or dumb or anything...it's just a question. We all have them and when we have them we WANT to know. 

So come on bring on those questions...I'm waiting to help.

This will be a work in process as you continue to ask the questions, this page will continue to grow.


Here Are Your Most Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will I get my issue of Bead At Home E-Zine?

A: The Bead At Home E-Zine is an electronic edition that comes to your e-mail in-box either the 1st or 15th of each month.

The publication is based on happenings and events that are felt to be of interest to you. This is always subject to change at our discretion.

Since we are in a growth period it is planned to offer this in the future with the option of more frequently at your request only, of course. But for now it is only monthly.

I invite your input for topics of interest that you would like to see discussed. Just 'contact us' to share your thoughts.

Q: I lost an edition to the E-Zine, will you please re-send it to me?

A: For you convenience here is the link that will take you directly to all back issues to the Bead At Home E-Zine.

Thanks for asking and thank you for your interest.

Q: How do I unsubscribe to the E-zine?

A: We are always sad to see you go. But we realize there are many reasons to unsubscribe.

If you should need to unsubscribe, at the bottom of each E-Zine that you receive is a link to remove your name from the e-mail list. 'unsubscribe'

If you must leave us we hope you enjoyed your time here. We don't take it personal and you are always welcome to come back should circumstances change.

If you have just a brief moment and you would consider leaving us feedback as to why you had to leave it would be helpful to us. We just would like to hear how we did not meet your needs. It's just a help to us to know how we may continue to improve our services.

Thanks for considering.


Beading Supplies

Q: Where do you buy beads online?

A: Check out the Beading Resources page for who we recommend. If you have a referral please let us know so we can add them to this page.

Q: I need a complete beginner's beading kit, how do I get it?

A: I have yet to find a complete beginner's beading kit that I like or would recommend, this is something that is being worked on and will be offering kits in the future.

I will be publishing an article that shares 'Top Ten Items Needed For a Beginner's Beading Kit'. 

If you would like notification when that is available be sure to sign up for the e-zine.

Q:I was following a pattern and the listed materials asked for the beads in this fashion; 15/0 seed beads in (2) colors, 11/0 seed beads (2)colors and so forth. I thought it may be sizes in mm but it still doesn't make sense to me, would love to finally know what this is!?!?

A: 'Seed bead' is actually a generic term for 'very small beads' and since these are very small beads they are generally smaller than a mm [which is the standard measurement for most beads].

The materials list was asking for seed beads 15/0 and 11/0, these are the measurement for seed beads and they represent how many seed beads it takes to measure an approximate inch. i.e. 15/0 = approx 15 seed beads to make an inch; 11/0 = approx 11 seed beads to make an inch and so on. 

You may also see the sizing of seed beads listed as 11° or 15° vs. the 11/0, 15/0. This is the same thing. The /0 or ° is referred to as ‘aught’, so you may be watching a tutorial using seed beads and hear the instructor state ”use seed beads 15 aught” this is merely the verbal word for the /0 or the tiny °.

Seed beads are most commonly used in bead weaving, both on and off loom, bead crocheting as well as garment and accessory embellishments like a wedding gown or handbag.

For a bit more information visit our general information page on 'seed beads'.


Beading Techniques

Q: I am interested in learning to make jewelry to sale, do you have any suggestions on what I should focus on?

A: Here is what I hear you saying.

Your initial statement has two separate items of interest.

1) You are interested in learning to make jewelry.

2) You want sell what you make.

You ask where to put your initial energy with your focus...

The very first thing I would recommend you focus on is learning how to make jewelry and reach the point with your skills that you are turning out a product that you would want to buy. That is the best approach with anything you want to sell that you are creating yourself.

'Would "I" buy this?' Make that your first goal of focus.

It should not take you too long given this type of beading is pretty straight forward, simple to learn and the results are easily attained for a good quality product. The key, I feel, are the materials you use.

Once you are ready to begin marketing your product I would encourage you to start with wearing your goods all the time and talk about it.

People will notice and they will ask.

There are several methods of selling jewelry so I would next encourage you to decide what method you might like to pursue, then research, research and research some more.

The lessons offered at Bead At Home beading jewelry 101 are the beginner steps and should get you started in learning how to make jewelry.

Keep Those Questions Coming...

As you continue to submit your questions these FAQ's will increase.

Thank you for your interest and allowing me to serve your beading needs.

I invite you to join the conversation, come on I know there is something you are wanting to know.

Remember no question is too small or too anything, it's just a question and we all have them.

After all we ALL had to start at the beginning. I look forward to working more with you with your beading needs.

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