Bead Shops

Looking for bead shops in your local area sometimes can be challenging. We need your help!

They are the access to grow our stash and collections and are like mini bead shows only available year round. But where to find them?

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a local shop in your area. Many don't.

We are on the hunt for bead shops in your area and would love to add yours here to share with others.

It's makes it hard to take one on one jewelry making classes if there are no locations available to visit. It's not convenient either if you have to drive several miles or a few towns over to get to one.

Learning about beading jewelry and shopping for beads and supplies online is one thing but to actually visit a physical store, talk face to face with someone about the product, puts this in a league of it's own.

 Let's Get the Word Out For Your Area

We need your help getting the word out. 

There is value in learning when you get to touch and feel jewelry making supplies .

This is a personal invitation to brag about any or all bead shops you know of or visit.

We want to hear about them. Here is where to start:

  • Location?
  • Jewelry Making Classes?
  • Hours of Service?
  • Website Address?
  • Any additional information?

Below you will find the form to fill in all this information so we can get the word out. 

 Bead Shop Owners

Do you own or manage a bead shop?

This is your invitation to tell us everything you want us to know. Don't hold  back.

Do you offer jewelry making classes? Tell us about what you offer.

Want to submit a photo of your store front? We want that, too.

If you have any questions regarding this feel free to 'contact us' with your questions.

There is no charge to list here...this is a service to all our beading buddies out there. 

Take advantage of it now.

 Have Beads Will Travel

Do you take your beads traveling with you?

Many do and what great fun it is to visit local establishments in other areas you are visiting.

Have you ever wondered about some of the local spots to visit?

Well if you are a beading jewelry making enthusiast then visiting a local shop in your travels is probably high on your list and you know what I'm talking about.

It's okay to admit it, we're friends here.

Here is the picture, follow me now; You see a bead shop. The beading radar goes off and you have to add it to your list of the local attractions to stop and visit and spend money. Beads are souvenirs also.

Then we need your help too. Tell us about what you have found in your travels.

  • Where is it located?
  • What do you like best about it?
  • Any helpful hints?
  • What other local tidbits did you think may be of interest and importance for those of us visiting as well? 

We want to hear it all!

It's like finding lost treasure.

Just think, if you add to this list any body visiting your area will already feel at home knowing little tidbits that we would not normally know unless you share them with us.

What little gems of bead shops do you want to share with us?

 Let's Get Beading...

Okay ready to start sharing?

Contact me if you get stumped during the process of sharing. Come on...we're waiting to hear!

Have A Bead Shop in Your Area You Want To Share?

Share with us won't you? Begin by entering the bead shop name then click to see the rest of the form to complete your submission.

We're waiting to hear from you and looking forward to visit.