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Here we discuss more information about the current updates or newly added information you may have missed regarding tools, tips, techniques and so, so much more to help in your beading for beginners journey.

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Here is what has been recently updated, added or discussed...

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Beading Terminology

Beading terminology is a language itself. Learning new words, trade jargon, and what they mean in regards to basic beading will help with the process.

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Inspire Jewelry Making Ideas

Inspire jewelry making ideas with 5 ways from day to day life just by opening your eyes and looking around you.

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Beading Designs

Discover a variety of methods you can apply when planning your beading designs, to help in your jewelry making ideas..

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Beading Jewelry Craft Magazines

Resources for beading jewelry craft magazines for the beginner to provide inspiration and opportunity to learn more.

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Beading Wire

Beading wire is a discovery of the variety of choices available to you to string your jewelry making projects for beginners.

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Beads are the eye candy to making jewelry let's look at some of the basic information to get you started.

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Bead Shops

Look for bead shops in your local area providing a personal touch and service for your beading supplies.

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Basic Earring Beading Tutorial

In this basic earring beading tutorial we'll learn how to make the single or plain loop for beginners.

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Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

This basic beaded bracelet tutorial provides the visual instructions for how to get you started.

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Beading Tutorials

Beading tutorials providing the beading instructions for your handmade jewelry you want to learn to make.

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My Beading For Beginners Story

Everyone starts somewhere to learn how to bead. This is my personal beading for beginners story.

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Basic Beaded Necklace

learn how to make a basic beaded necklace to get you started beading.

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