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Grab a coffee and join the conversation as we discuss jewelry-making in the comfort of your home where every day is ours' to explore and discover creativity.  Our conversations will expand on topics such as tips, tools, techniques and other areas of interest expanding on DIY jewelry. 

Is there a topic you would like to see discussed? Suggest it. 

It's been nearly 20 years we first started talking about this and we can't seem to stop.  Settle in, join the conversation and make yourself 'At Home'.  This stuff ain't no fun keeping it to yourself.

Inspire Jewelry Making Ideas


Inspire jewelry making ideas with 5 ways from day to day life just by opening your eyes and looking around you.

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Scrabble DIY Jewelry


Scrabble DIY Jewelry celebrates Scrabble Day April 13 with easy to make jewelry.

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What is Beading?


What is beading? Learn and understand different aspects to beading to narrow your search for what you want to learn.

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Beading Terminology


Beading terminology is a language itself. Learning new words, trade jargon, and what they mean in regards to basic beading will help with the process.

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Beading Designs


Discover a variety of methods you can apply when planning your beading designs, to help in your jewelry making ideas..

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Beads are the eye candy to making jewelry let's look at some of the basic information to get you started.

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Bead Shops


Look for bead shops in your local area providing a personal touch and service for your beading supplies.

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Beading Tutorials


Beading tutorials provides the instructions how to make jewelry for the beginner.

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